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❓What is Vivix™?

Vivix is a patent-pending, exclusive resveratrol-polyphenol blend with ingredients shown in laboratory research to positively impact four key mechanisms of cellular aging—including helping to protect and repair DNA damage, positively influencing longevity genes, repopulating mitochondria to produce energy, and slowing formation of AGE proteins. (plaque)

❓Who can benefit from Vivix?

Any adult concerned with cellular aging and optimal well-being.* Vivix is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or anyone younger than 18 years old.

❓Is Vivix patented?

There are 3 patents pending on Vivix.

Patent #1: Cold-filling’ Extraction Process

Patent #2: The polyphenol blend

Patent #3: Preservative-Free, All-Natural, Stable Liquid Suspension

The process for producing Vivix was developed in collaboration with the University of Georgia.  Learn more about these patents here


❓Who is David Sinclair?

Dr. David Sinclair is a highly acclaimed anti-aging researcher at Harvard Medical School.  He discovered the plant molecules that “switch on” your longevity gene.

Dr. Sinclair became the first scientist in history to successfully extended life in yeast, fruit flys, and mice.  Because humans have the same gene as mice, he believes this miracle molecule will work to extend the life of humans.

❓What is Dr. Sinclairs affiliation with Shaklee?

Dr. Sinclair approached Shaklee to create a product from resveratrol that would replicate his studies in mice.  He and his team worked initially with Dr. Carsten Smidt, Dr. Jamie McManus and the Shaklee science team to develop a natural anti-aging supplement based on his research.

Dr. Sinclair was approached by companies from around the world but chose Shaklee because of our outstanding reputation for quality and scientific integrity.

❓Does Dr. Sinclair endorse Vivix?

No. His position at Harvard Medical School, and is agreements with Sirtris Pharmaceutical prohibit Dr. Sinclair from making commercial endorsements.  However, he did address the Shaklee Leadership Conference in 2008 on his research, his alliance with Shaklee, and the value of a product like Vivix.

❓Does Dr. Sinclair personally use Vivix?

He has stated that he takes Vivix every day.


❓What is resveratrol?

A natural compound found in some plants, fruits, seeds, grapes, and grape-derived products such as red wine. Resveratrol has polyphenolic and antioxidant activities that have been found to potentially improve health and well-being in laboratory studies from around the globe.

In addition, emerging laboratory research has found that resveratrol fights cellular aging. These studies also found that resveratrol activates genetic regulators of cellular longevity pathways, which may have positive effects on DNA, cellular health, and metabolism.*

❓How much resveratrol does Vivix provide?

Vivix contains 100 mg of ultra-pure trans-resveratrol PLUS a total of 1,300 mg of polyphenol extract in every serving (teaspoon).

❓Are the ingredients in Vivix all natural?

Yes. Vivix is 100% natural. There are no chemicals to block polyphenol actives and no artificial ingredients including colors or fillers.

❓Why does the color of Vivix vary from bottle to bottle?

Because every batch of grapes used to make the Rejuvenol blend varies, the color of the tonic will vary.  Shaklee could have used an artificial process to make every batch the same color but chose to use only natural ingredients.

❓Does Vivix contain emodin?

No.  While emodin is found in many resveratrol products, the unique extraction process developed by the Shaklee science team eliminates all emodin so you never have to worry about it’s negative side effects like frequent trips to the bathroom.

❓How can I be sure I’m getting the right amount of resveratrol?

Vivix contains the maximum dosage recommended for safety and efficacy by Harvard Medical School, the latest scientific studies and emerging research.

❓What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are a group of phytochemicals.  They come from plant compounds with both antioxidant and cellular anti-aging benefits. Emerging research has reported that polyphenols may elicit multiple biological effects consistent with sustained and improved human health.*

❓Does Vivix contain polyphenols?

Yes.  The Vivix formula takes resveratrol to an even higher level of potency by combining it with a patent-pending blend of polyphenols made from the only grape in nature with an extra chromosome—the muscadine.

❓Why is Vivix more potent than other resveratrol products?

Laboratory studies have found the unique combination of polyphenols and resveratrol positively impacts the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.  Vivix and is 10 x more effective than resveratrol alone in slowing AGE protein formation.

❓Why did Shaklee chose the muscadine grape?

Muscadine grapes grow only in the Southeastern region of the U.S.  Muscadine (Vita Rotundifolia) is unique in all of nature—it is the only grape grown anywhere in the world that contains an extra (19th) chromosome.

❓Is Vivix an antioxidant?

Yes.  Vivix is a powerful antioxidant.  But Vivix is so much more.  It has anti-aging properties that take it far beyond the mere antioxidant support. Vivix was designed to “switch on” the genes that counteract the aging process.

❓How does Vivix rank on the ORAC scale?

Vivix is a powerful antioxidant with an ORAC rating of over 5,000 in every teaspoon.

❓Is Vivix a “juice”?

Vivix is a liquid concentrate but is not considered a “juice” product.

❓How does Vivix compare to “juice” products being sold today?

Vivix is a super concentrate that delivers the purest form of trans-resveratrol and a potent polyphenol extract.  None of the juice products on the market claim to switch on your longevity gene and block the mechanisms of aging.

❓I drink red wine.  So why should I take Vivix?

The amounts of resveratrol found in red wine are miniscule when compared to Vivix.  Dr. Sinclair has stated that you would have to drink 100 glasses of red wine every day to get the benefits they are seeing in lab studies.

That’s why Vivix has been designed to deliver the resveratrol  equivalent of 100 glasses of red wine with every teaspoon (serving).

This means you will get the resveratrol equivalent of 3,000 glasses of red wine in just 30 days.  And because the actual resveratrol content in red wine varies—the Shaklee science team believes you would be getting the equivalent of 5,000 to 8,000 glasses.

❓Does Vivix contain alcohol?

No.  Millions would like to enjoy the health benefits associated with red wine but drink no alcohol.  In fact, research shows those who drink NO alcohol have a 42% greater risk of heart disease.  This fact makes Vivix even more valuable for those who choose not to drink.

❓What is the French Paradox?

In 1993, French scientists, Dr. Serge Renaud, appeared on 60 Minuets—his announcement shocked the world.  He reported the French, who eat lots of butter, creams, sauces and other fatty foods—have 43% less heart disease than Americans.

His theory was that some substance in red wine, a staple in the French diet, was the reason for this anomaly.

Dr. David Sinclair proved this theory to be correct more than a decade later in his labs at Harvard.  Turns out that molecule is resveratrol.

❓What is Calorie Restriction and how does Vivix compare?

Until now, Calorie Restriction was the only scientifically accepted method for slowing the aging process and extending life.  It seems that severely restricting calories activates the Sirtuin genes in your body that have recently been shown to slow aging in lab studies.

The resveratrol and polyphenols in Vivix act in the same way and have been proven to  extend life in every organism tested.

❓Is the amount of resveratrol in every bottle of Vivix vary?

No.  The last thing you want is to use a product that varies widely in potency from bottle to bottle.  Shaklee’s patent-pending extraction process has enabled us to make every batch of Vivix standardized to 98%—The highest of all resveratrol products.


❓Should I continue to take my vitamins along with Vivix?

Absolutely.  In fact, you would get a synergistic benefit.

Vivix is not a vitamin/mineral supplement.  It is not designed to cover your daily nutrition needs.  Shaklee science recommends you continue to take your supplements, especially Vitalizer, the world’s most potent and complete vitamin/mineral formula.

❓Is it safe to take Vivix with my meds?

Yes.  Vivix is not a drug.  Thousands of tests with the ingredients in Vivix show there are no known contraindications. But as with any dietary supplement—do if you are on medication or have a medical condition—we recommend you check with your doctor or pharmacist.

❓How does Vivix work?

Vivix works at the cellular level to activate Sirtuin longevity enzymes which—based on Dr. Sinclair’s research—mimic caloric restriction.  Until now, CR was the only known way to slow aging.

Vivix works to protect your DNA, regulate your genes, produce new mitochondria, and block the formation of AGE proteins.  

❓How often should I take Vivix?

Every day.  Because Vivix has been shown to negate the inflammatory effects of a bad meal—we recommend you take with a meals. And because Vivix helps produce sustained energy for hours—it might be best to take it with breakfast or lunch.

❓Why does Shaklee recommend I shake each bottle well before pouring?

Every bottle of Vivix contains the same formula, but natural settling occurs making the tonic seem “thicker” at the bottom of the bottle and “thinner” at the top. Simply “shake well” before pouring.

❓Is it safe to take more than one teaspoon per day?

Yes.  Much larger doses are used in lab studies and to date, no toxic levels have been reported.  However, Shaklee science believes that one teaspoon per day will produce outstanding health benefits.

❓Is Vivix safe for people of all ages?

While Vivix is totally natural and follows guidelines for dosage and potency from Harvard Medical School and other institutions—it is not recommended for people under 18 or for women who are pregnant or lactating.

❓Are there added sugars in Vivix?

No.  You get only the purest, most natural sweeteners mother nature has to offer.

❓Has the taste of Vivix been altered?

No.  When you taste Vivix, you’re getting all the goodness of the muscadine blend just as it came in nature.

❓Is Vivix free of MSG?

There is no MSG in Vivix.

❓Is Vivix gluten free?

There is no gluten in Vivix.

I am a health care professional.  Could Vivix work in my protocols?

Many doctors recommend Vivix to their patients.  For answers, to medical questions—visit Shaklee’s web site dedicated to physicians and medical professionals.  Go to

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, contact Dr. Jamie McManus or Dr. Carsten Smidt at Shaklee Corporation.

❓I am an athlete.  How would I benefit from Vivix?

Mitochondria is the “power plant” of every cell in your body.  Over time, the mitochondria in your cells becomes smaller and weaker.  In fact, you actually have fewer mitochondria in your cells as you age.  Fewer or weaker mitochondria means you have less energy and endurance.

A recent report from Bloomberg News titled “Armstrong Cells,” reported that Lance Armstrong has “extra” mitochondria which gives him the advantage of greater energy and endurance.

One of the most miraculous findings in Dr. Sinclair’s studies is that the ingredients in Vivix actually repopulate your mitochondria stores and help your mitochondria come back to life—larger and stronger.

Resveratrol studies are showing greater energy and endurance in humans trials.

❓As a professional athlete facing random drug tests, could I use Vivix?

All professional sports leagues and teams have banned substance lists and approved lists.  Hundreds of professional athletes, including Olympians, use Shaklee supplements for this very reason.  While Shaklee science believes that Vivix would pass any drug test—it would be best to check with your team or league and get confirmation.

❓Why does Vivix come in 3 small bottles instead of one large one?

Small bottles ensure maximum freshness and potency.  It’s great for traveling.  Vivix is only 1.7 oz. per bottle which means it can carried with you on the plane.  Easy to have with you in a purse or brief case.

❓What is the shelf life of Vivix?

Nine months.

❓Should I refrigerate Vivix after opening?

Because Vivix is totally natural, refrigeration after opening does help to maintain freshness, color, and maximum polyphenol activity.  You can refrigerate unopened bottles as well.

However, not refrigerating Vivix will NOT affect it’s potency unless you leave out for long periods of time.  Because each bottle is a 10 supply so this should never be problem.

❓How is Vivix preserved to insure safety and maximum efficacy?

Shaklee has invested million of dollars to develop special refrigeration facilities to insure the safety, purity and potency of Vivix. 

❓Does Vivix lose potency in shipping?

No. Extensive testing—including actual shipments throughout the country under extreme temperature and humidity conditions—confirms that Vivix maintains it’s potency under all shipping conditions.

❓Can I recycle Vivix packaging?

Yes. The bottle and deco carton can be recycled.

If Shaklee becomes a billion dollar product, will there be an adequate supply of muscadine grapes?

Because the muscadine is grown in only one small region of the world, this was a concern of our CEO, Roger Barnett.

His solution was to contractually lock up the entire crop of the largest and best muscadine vinyards in the world.

These top growers now grow their crops exclusively for Vivix! 

❓What are the Shaklee standards for testing and manufacturing?

Every Shaklee product exceeds the industry standard for supplement manufacturing.  In fact, Shaklee scientists designed and developed many of the tests and equipment now being used in the industry.

❓Does Shaklee have a Scientific Advisory Board?
Yes.  Led by some of the most acclaimed scientists in the world.

❓Does Shaklee have it’s own research and development facility? 

Yes.  The Forrest C. Shaklee Research Center.

❓How many scientist work for Shaklee?
There are almost 100 scientist in Forrest C. Shaklee Research Center in Oakland, California.

❓Has Shaklee ever has a product recall?

No.  Shaklee has never had a product recall in our 53 year history.

❓How many scientists were involved in the Vivix project 

About 30.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shaklee Science / General

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Stroke adalah gangguan kepada fungsi otak yang terjadi secara mendadak. Ini adalah berpunca daripada gangguan di pembuluh darah dalam otak di mana salur darah telah tersumbat dan bekalan darah ke sebahagian otak terganggu dan bahagian tersebut tidak akan menerima oksigen yang cukup, oleh itu sel-sel otak akan rosak dan mati dan mengakibatkan bahagian badan yang dikuasai oleh bahagian otak tersebut tidak boleh berfungsi dan lumpuh. 

Stroke ini juga merupakan kecederaan saraf yang serius dan gejalanya ialah kehilangan fungsi saraf secara tiba-tiba. Kesannya, akan berlaku kerosakan saraf kekal serta juga kematian jika tidak dirawat dengan cepat.

Pernah terfikir tak..??

Bagaimana VIVIX ni merawat stroke..??

Dalam vivix ni terdapat satu bahan yang teramat ‘POWER’. Sebab itulah vivix di panggil tonik ajaib. 

Dalam vivix ada resveratrol , bertindak sebagai anti-oksidan yang kuat, anti-inflamasi dan anti-kanser.

Vivix membantu melindungi dan memperbaiki sel dari peringkat DNA yang typo, rosak, mati dan abnormal  akibat serangan berjuta-juta perosak setiap hari. Vivix juga membantu mengaktifkan semula sel-sel yang terlibat dalam pengawalan genetik utama yang merosot dan menggalakkan sel itu menjadi sihat semula.

Hal ini terjadi kerana 4 bahan utama dan super duper hebat yang digunakan dalam penghasilan vivix antaranya ialah anggur muscadine. Di dalam anggur ini terdapat kadar resveratrol dan polifenol yang tinggi sehinggakan ia sendiri boleh menahan dirinya dengan cuaca yang panas dan melindungi dirinya sendiri dari bakteria dan fungus tanpa bantuan bahan kimia lain. Resveratrol adalah antioksidan yang sangat berkesan yang dihasilkan oleh tumbuhan. 

Satu kajian yang dijalankan oleh Jabatan Sains dan Teknologi, Universiti Ohio, AS, pada tahun 1997 membuktikan kejayaan resveratrol menyekat pembahagian sel-sel kanser di peringkat selular. Kajian inilah yang telah membuktikan resveratrol ini mempunyai antioksidan yang sangat tinggi.

Jadi, tidak mustahil vivix boleh menjadi asbab kepada penyembuhan penyakit stroke ini kan.. ;) ;) ;)

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Perbaiki Tubuh dengan Anti oksidan dan Kolagen

Tahun baru semakin hampir bermakna setahun lg bakal berakhir. Syukur kita masih dipanjangkan umur dalam nikmat kesihatan yg tidak ternilai harganya.

Namun adakah kita sedar kesihatan ini perlukan penjagaan agar mampu bertahan dan badan tetap kuat sekalipun fitrahnya badan kita semakin lemah fungsi dalamannya seiring peningktan usia. 

Sampai masa badan akan berhenti menghasilkan kalsium untuk kekuatan tulang, insulin untuk memproses gula juga semakin menyusut akibat pengambilan gula berlebihan, kolagen yang mengutuhkan sendi dan ketegangan kulit juga tidak lg terhasil sendiri dan sel2 badan semakin cepat mengalami penuaan kerana kurang nya agen antioksida yg menghalang. 

Akhirnya khasiat2 yang penting untk badan ini hanya bergantung kepada bekal yang masih berbaki dalam badan dan diet kita.

Oleh sebab itu sangat penting kita mengamalkan diet yang sihat. Jika di usia ini kita masih ragu tentang diet yang kita tidak menentu, kenapa tidak kita hadiahkan diri kita dengan pembantu2 yang boleh menambah baik kesihatan kita.

Mujurlah dengan kepakaran teknologi, khasiat2 yang penting untuk badan kita ini boleh diambil dengan mudah tanpa menjejaskan kualiti. Shaklee menawarkan pelbagai vitamin yang natural dan tinggi kualiti dalam bentuk yang sangat mudah pengambilannya.

Antaranya adalah Colagen dalam bentuk sachet hanya perlu campur air dan minum.
Colagen powder yang terdiri drpd sisik ikan merah dan herba serta vitamin c, mempunyai saiz molekul yang kecil untuk penyerapan yang tinggi ke dalam sel yang memerlukan.
Bagaimana pula dengan sel2 yang semakin lemah dan perlukan agen antioksida untuk perlindungan? 

Amalkanlah vivix, kerana vivix mengandungi agen anti oksida yang sangat tinggi, mampu memulihkan kesihatan anda sehingga ke peringkat sel!!
Pilihan di tangan anda, samada masih tidak mahu bertindak apa2 sedangkan badan sangat perlukan khasiat tambahan.. atau bertindak sekarang! 

Bila kali terakhir anda hadiahkan badan apa yang badan anda betul2 perlukan?? 

Hubungi saya segera untuk dapatkan vitamin yang sesuai untuk masalah kesihatan anda 😊


Insan yang mengkaji dan menemui ramuan vivix adalah seorang Doktor hebat yang bernama Dr Elizabeth Blackburn

Beliau pernah mengetuai American Cancer Research Association

Beliau jugak merupakan pemenang anugerah Nobel Prize in 2009 for medicine kerana menjumpai telomerase iaitu satu protein yang mampu memanjang Telomere iaitu satu protein dalam DNA kita
Telomere ni yang simpan seribu rahsia tentang penyakit kita pada masa akan datang

Bila protein telomere rosak disebabkan faktor usia & radical bebas, maka chromosome kita yang di copy, menjadi tak lengkap. So rosak, Maka hasillah sel yang rosak

Terjadilah pelbagai penyakit pada tubuh kita seperti Kanser, penuaan, buah pinggang rosak, alzhemeir, penyakit saraf, diabetes, darah tinggi, strok dan lain-lain

So kajian beliau adalah untuk memastikan takde sel chromosome yang rosak

So beliau menang dengan penemuan ni dan mendapat anugerah Noble Prize

Pihak saintis Shaklee telah bekerjasama dengan beliau untuk hasilkan Vivix dan kerana itu Vivix hanya dipatenkan khas untuk pihak Shaklee sahaja, company lain tidak boleh tiru.. NO NO NO !

Sebab tu vivix sepatutnya semua org makan

Walaupun kita dah makan makanan yang sihat, tapi kita still perlukan bantuan pada tahap sel

On the cellular level to protect us from making bad cells

Bad cells equal to diseases, cancer and ageing

Vivix will help you..lndeed!


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Apa itu collagen

Kepada anda yang tercari2 colagen berkualiti, mempunyai ujian klinikal yang diiktiraf dan sangat mudah untuk dimakan, dapatkan colagen powder dengan harga promosi yg hebat.

Apa itu colagen?
Kira2 30% daripada protein dalam badan terdiri daripada colagen, yang membina struktur kulit, rambut, tulang, sendi dan tisu2 penyambung yang lain. Colagen amat penting untuk menyembuh dan memperbaiki kerosakan tulang dan sendi serta mengekalkan ketahanan dan keanjalan kulit. Semakin berusia, badan akan berhenti menghasilkan colagen dan colagen yang sedia ada akan berkurangan. Lama kelamaan, kulit akan hilang seri dan keanjalan, rambut mudah gugur, masalah sendi dan tulang kerap berlaku dan pelbagai masalah lain.

Antara keistimewaan colagen powder shaklee:

🔎diekstrak daripada sisik ikan merah (Red Snapper) yang sangat tahan lasak kerana kebiasaannya ikan ini hidup di laut dalam dengan tekanan yang sangat tinggi.
🔎setiap sachet mengandungi 4000mg colagen.
🔎saiz molekul protein yang sangat kecil 1000 dalton! Saiz yang kecil memudahkan penyerapan colagen ke lapisan dermis kulit. Produk colagen lain ada yang sehingga 300000 dalton!
🔎mengandungi bahan seperti vit c sebagai anti oksidan, ekstrak biji camellia dan pfaffia utk meningkatkan penghidratan.
Ujian klinikal mengeluarkan statistik 71% pengguna merasakan kulit bertambah baik selepas penggunaan 8 minggu secara berterusan.

Golongan yang perlu ambil colagen
🚩wanita yang berumur 30 tahun ke atas
🚩golongan yang mempunyai masalah kulit seperti kulit kusam, berminyak, jeragat dan jerawat
🚩golongan yang mempunyai masalah salit sendi dan tulang
🚩golongan yang ingin menjaga kecantikan dalaman dan luaran. 

Wanita terutamanya selepas melahirkan anak amat cepat mengalami proses penuaan. Jadi amatlah disarankan untuk mengambil colagen.

Jalanilah waktu tua dalam keadaan yang sihat, cantik dan bertenaga. Mulakanlah dari sekarang!

Whatsapp saya untuk dapatkannya di 0133018189 😍

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Kasih nya Adik

Sejak semalam irfan on off demam. Ada muntah sekali. Tp demam2 pon sempat dera mama teman dia main lukis2 smpai pukul 1 pagi. Sempat tido 2 jam adik plak mengamuk bangun mintak susu. 
Elok subuh Irfan kejut mama mintak air laici. Apakah. Lapar katanya. Mama smbil mata tertutup lg offer makan roti lah nk sedia nasi mmg tk mampu lah. Jadi dengan malas mama bgun bawak irfan turun dapur selepas atur kencing. Panas pulok badan dia. Terus jirus satu badan bagi ubat and suap roti. Irfan makan sambil tido. Separuh roti pon tk habis. 
Lepas tidokan irfan mama setelkan solat subuh terus sediakan breakfast baba. Sesekali terdengar suara imran dah bangun menangis2. Aduh awal pulak si kecik ni bangun. Mama biar je lah kot2 dia tido balik. 
Bila baba dah pergi kerja.. mama rs inilah ms terbaik nak lipat dua gunung baju walaupon kepala ada biol sikit tk ckup tido. Naik atas tgk atas katil kelibat adik takde. Rupany elok dia landing sebelah abang walaupom sempit tepi katil. 
Alahai manja betul budak ni bila terbangun tgk mama baba tkde, dia cari abang tempat bermanja. 
Alhamdulillah bangun pagi ni demam irfan dah kebah 😊.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Omega Guard

Kalau anda sedang buntu nk hadiahkan apa untuk suami dan anak2 yang tak suka makan IKAN (ish ish) suka sangat makan lemak2, manis2, TAK SUKA MAKAN SAYUR, exercise pon depan tv je, mungkin inilah yang paling wajib anda hadiahkan kepada beliau. Yelah tak masak masakan kegemaran dia nanti dia tak lalu makan pulak. Jadi kita seimbangkan lah gizi makanan dengan khasiat minyak ikan yang berkualiti tinggi oleh Mr. Omega Guard yg ohsem ni.

Sendawa pon tak bau minyak ikan tau sebab Omega Guard ni tak macam jenama lain yang lebih byk lemak ikan tetapi Omega Guard ni mengandungi lebih byk omega-3 berbanding lemak ikan. 

Nak tau apa khasiat omega-3 utk tubuh badan kita? Nanti saya cerita atau pm je saya terus. 

Jangan tunggu lagi. Promo Mr ohsem ni hanya untuk bulan ni sahaja. Dijamin selamat dan HALAL.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Testimoni Vitamin C SR: Hilangkan Jerawat

Hari ni nk share lg testimoni pengguna vitamin c Sustained release. Kakak comel ni first time try vitamin c SR ni bulan lepas dan sekarang dah dpt rasa kebaikannya.
Jadi kalau ada masalah kulit atau nk menten kulit cantik berseri, mulakanlah dengan pengambilan vit c dengan dos yg tepat. Kalau setakat minimum dos mungkin tk ckup nk repair sakit2 dalaman tu.
Banyak lagi kebaikan vitamin c ni blh rujuk tulisan dr zubaidi di atas ini. Kalau anda tk pernah ambil supplemen, apa kata mulakan dengan vitamin c. Sebab itulah yg paling diperlukan badan anda ketika ini untuk kekal sihat insyaAllah. Dan jenis sustained release adalah yang terbaik kerana vitamin c ni akan digunakan dengan lebih optimum berbanding vitamin c biasa.
Jom dapatkan vitamin c sustained released yg lain daripada yang lain ni. Sesuai untuk semua lapisan masyarakat 😁👍🏻
Whatsapp 0133018189

Khas Buat Anakanda Irfan Hariss

Duhai yang pertama lahir dari rahimku
Yang pertama mengajar aku menjadi ibu
Yang pertama mengubah lena malamku
Yang pertama buat ku risau kdg seperti melayang nyawa
Yang pertama memanggil ku Mama
Yang pertama ku dengar suara kecil menyanyi negaraku
Yang pertama ku lihat tubuh kecil mengibar bendera besar negaranya
Yang pertama ku lihat terlalu minat kan menara berpuncak langit

Terima kasih Allah atas pinjaman yg comel ini
Kerana dia, aku belajar erti sabar yg tak bertepi
Kerana tangisan malamnya aku dapat bgun mencari redhaMu
Kerana gelak tawanya aku segera hilang rasa duka dan hiba
Kerana dia aku lebihkan doa dan amalan supaya Kau jaga dia
Kerana dia hidupku indah penuh warna warni
Kerana dia aku rasa lebih disayangi lagi
Kau jagalah dia dan jadikan lah dia hambaMu yg berjiwa besar, berjaya di dunia dan ahli syurga di akhirat yg abadi.
Selamat hari lahir anakanda ku Irfan Hariss.
Cinta dan kasih Mama takkan pernah pudar untuk mu.