Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tag Tag

For this boring day, let me fill up my time playing with this taggy thing..i was tagged by Fiza and Patem..seronok jugk layan mende ni..

1) Do you think you’re hot?
HOT?Ape tu??Panas ke??kenapa aku nak rasa panass??ngehngeh

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture?
Actually I already uploaded this pic in the previous entry Penghabisan.
The reason why i like this photo is because it reminds me all the good memories and experiences I had for the past 2 years.until now when I sat alone, i just could'nt believe that i have had this apportunity..i've learned a lot through that time..being a better me, value others, and get the lesson that in whatever difficulties u have, even if u are alone, trust Allah that He will not dissapoint u for what He has determined on you as long as u are not conceited and always try your best to amend your (bad) weaknesses .

4) When was the last time u ate pizza?
oh..i love pizzaa thai seafood (tak tanya pon!) was a month ago i think.

5) The last song u listened to?

haha no idea how many times i replayed this vid since last friend gave me this funny video last night when i told him during this boring week i spent myself learning how to play guitar and this was my first song, Ode To Joy by Beethoven..the puppets are so cute and funny!Thanks to him.

6) What are u doing right now besides this?
Eating Karipap Daging which I bought from Encik Y. Sedap!

7) What name would u prefer besides yours?
erm..I still remember when i was in form 2, there were some friends who liked to alter my name and called me with that like-vegetable name.I hated it though i knew she didnt mean to hurt me..she was kidding just like boy students who liked to alter their friend's name that might be last until now (paling aku taleh terima nama etok!).but for me, name is sort of a sensitive issue to play with.i prefer to call people with their own name unless they themselves dont mind if i call them with that 'altered' name and so do i.back to the story,until one very moment, there was a batch meeting in our study room..i suddenly bursted into tear and begged others not to call me with that name anymore..huhu kelaka pulak..ramai yg surprised to see me crying (mentang2 la aku ni kuat gelak). and from that on, aku berjaya melenyapkan nama tu...yehh..
ok i know i haven't answer the question. i think i like my name though sometimes i felt kinda weird to call my own name.but it sounds classic and i think people can easily remember my name once they know i right? coz most of my old friends when we accidently met somewhere they easily could recall my name (especially when they heard me laughing), unlike me, berkerut2 muka..buat2 igt nama diorang..last2 teka salah jugak hehe..sorry name dictionary is limited in space.hehe..
so obviously i dont prefer any name besides Fatimah..i like my name..thanks to my parent for making my life easy with this short and simple name :)

People I tag
6.Kak Ani

8 ) Who is no.1?
hehe actually she's the one who tagged me..she must be saying (tade maknanya nk buat tag ni lg sekali).well like she described me in her greeny blog, we used to be so close during the first and second semester in ukm.Cikgu patem ni sgt terer programming..pernah kitorang siapkan assginment smpai kul 4 pgi.patem insisted to go back to her hostel..couldn't imagine berani nye aku nek motor sorang2 kul 4 pgi senyap sunyi going back to my hostel after sending her back.patem ni jgk yg tlg jd starter motor merah ku sebb bateri rosak aku takde kudrat nk start guna kaki.kaki patem mmg power..sekali tendang da hidup haha..cyaala!yang paling buat aku terharu was bila dia antara yg dtg airport waktu aku nk fly to jerman..sebak aku dibuatnye..huuuu~~dramatisnye aku..

9) Who is no.2?
Mawar ni antara geng kamcing masa aku kt UKM gak.baik org nye biasanye dialah tempat geng2 aku mengadu domba.ade ape2 masalh gi luah kt bilik dia.nmpak happy and positive je selalu.dengar citer tak lama lg da nak kawen...ehem..bila tu?

10)Say something about no.5.
Ju is also one of my good friends in UKM.we used to be in the same college.klu bonceng minah ni mmg takleh jdi rempit lah aku sebb rasa tak stabil haha (she also did tell this story in her blog) didn't know maybe she had never been carried on skuter before.everytime i visited her room, she must been playing freeding bagi ikan makan hehe comel betul smpai aku pon berjangkit main sama.the game was quite cool, not complicated at all but feeding those fish could make me feel ease somehow..that might be Ju's way to release her ker ?She also will be married soon..another friend to be 'promoted'.

11)How about no.4?
when i wrote this entry i guess this guy sedang hangat dilamun cinta :p . taufiq ni aku mula kenal ms kt AGM manheim..pemalu orgnye tp bila kenal..masyaAllah rasa cam nk ketuk2 je kepala dia sebb suka gelakkan disebabkan aku pun 2 kali 5 sepuloh, jd selalu je kitorang gelakkan antara satu sama lain hehe.he's a funny guy and maybe that's the reason org senang dgn dia. very talented in photography and soooo tall..klu dok sebelah dia ibarat kanak-kanak comel dan monster haha (gelakkan dia!)..he's also one of the reason aku menceburkan diri di kalangan reutlingeners.. i don't think he will do this tag..but it's ok coz my intention is just to say something about my friends.

12)Who is no.3?
Same to this guy, he's one of my good friends during my studies in germany. ditakdirkan we did internship in the same city, Stutgart. together with other malay students who also did practical in stutgart, we perfomed Kelab Stuttgart..hehe cam poyo je buat kelab. but then we really had a lot of fun and i can say that was one of my best moments. kobeng ni suka masak..klu pegi umah dia mcmn letih pun dia akan layan tetamu baik punyer.he's the one who tought me to play guitar..though he's also amatur heh.sama2 tak reti cuma dia da terer skitla time tu.time GDO pulak dia ajar aku futsal..mcm gampang je aku tendang bola sib baik tak pecah tingkap haha.masih single dan available.

13) Who is no.6?
the sixth person is my third sister, Kak Ning -klu nk rs tua skit panggil CikNing hehe. for me, she's like a mother to this family..since we lost our mom, nothing could compare her sacrifices towards the family, especially to these 5 little kids who just knew nothing about hard life ahead. i knew i had been sometimes mischievous, disagree with her babling, but i always realized i would not have washed clothes, prepared food, and cleaned house without her around. pernah sekali bergaduh smpaikan she threw away all my clothes outside the house haha..kejam betul.. she's quite a sensititive person but after all,i couldn't imagine how we together had gone through all this. Thank you very much for always there :)

Actually there is one more people i should tag but i dont know who else to tag. aci kan kan..hehe..that's all for now.have a nice day :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Lembaran baru

Nothing much to say..coz this week is so boringggg!Hadeila..

Hepy New Year anyway..