Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hm tatau kenape rasa macam buntu terus tiap kali nk menaip kt blog ni. memang kalau nk diikutkan pun takde benda menarik sgt pun happened to me lately accept one or two events .

Dah sebulan cik abang ku di perantauan..dan sebulan jugakla aku menumpang ngn parents. memang sedih tp nk buek camano ada kala kena belaja juga hidup berjauhan supaya kita leh appreciate other things around us that perhaps we had less spent time on all this while. Like now, I feel very lucky to have two jelitawans who have taken good care of me. They cooked for me, did laundry for me and never let me be alone. Thanks Allah for sending Ijah back from Egypt for free at this lonely time of mine. And now, she has gone back to Egypt (also for free) and I pray she gains success and Allah protects her in all endeavor of her life. For my sweet Nani also, a big congratulations for your flying colour result in SPM. May this be a proper entrance for the next stage of challenging life ahead. Be careful not to be 'drowned' in every success you gain and never give up in every ups and downs. Remember Allah, and he will always be with you :)

Aside from having unbearable longing sometimes, I realize somehow I got extra time to look on my family, rebuild the bond between younger siblings and of course stay closer to my father. Eventhough less time spend with him each week as he is always the most important person in his organisation, but that is still good enough as we are getting older day by day, and so do our parents too..

About my pregnancy, Alhamdulillah this week my little baby inside is turning 19th week. So next week is going to be half way through yay! InsyaAllah. Unlike my other pregnant friends, praise to Allah that I did not suffer from any severe morning sickness. Adela muntah sikit2 utk melegakan perut especially when I knew I lost appetite on some kind of food but I still took it..hehe degil betul ibu ni! Other than that, my every day life went normal.

Now I start to feel back pain when I wake up every morning..nk bangun pun kena senget2 kan badan. I guess my baby size is around 6 inches now ( half size of roti subway) and haruslah sudah menonjol di perut ku yg sememangnya tertonjol ni. Kalau dulu, agak stress melihat diri yg makin mendebab..but now the feeling has turned to be more supportive as I think I'm not gaining weight for nothing, but for the sake of my little baby instead :) Since my next checkup still got a month to go, InsyaAllah Ahad ni I 'll be going for my sesaje checkup nearby. Can't wait to know the gender, so that papa blh shopping baju2 baby kt sana..and of course hadiah daku juga :D

To readers, please pray for me and my baby that we'll both safe till the end as this is my first experience so of course sometimes i do fear of it. Semoga kita sentiasa dibawah rahmat Allah dan perlindungan Nya :)

Ok take, entry Tujuh Bulan Dua dah berganti :P


Fatima Saiful said...

muahahah!!!aku nk tunggu entry reveal sex baby!!ekekek...anyway, da 19minggu??cepat nye ms berlalu...sedey aku bace kene berjauhan ngn hubby.sebulan da?My god, lamenye..~:(

Fizah said...

penah berjauhan dgn hubby jgk. slama 2bulan. takleh kol. takleh msg. hny emel. oh, i really can understand ur feeling. plus imah tgh preggy pulak. bykkan sabar ok.

mawar said...

hu..baru ada can nak blog walking. cptnye dah ko mst rasa lambat je masa berlalu kan? hehe.. siannye kena dok jauh ngn hubby. be strong mommy! just enjoy the moment being pregnant ok :)
dah tau gender baby, cpt2 apdett~! leh auntie mawar prepare adiah utk si comel nntik..hehehe

juelee said...

hahaha nnt dah tau jgn lupe bgtau samada geng rayyan atau gurlpren rayyan..