Friday, April 23, 2010

Mak and Abah in Durban

I guess autumn begins today..even the skies was clear this morning but it was no longer warm as usual..the wind and the lower temperature gave a feeling to myself that i'm gonna miss the smell of clothes dried under the sun coz perhaps i'm gonna need to use the dryer to dry my clothes after this. The cold and dry wind shall courage me to wear my woolsocks every night and reluctantly wake my body up every morning. But I do love autumn..specifically the weather. At least it is something different from my own country. i do not have to worry about spending time to choose which cloth to wear coz most of them will be covered most of the time beneath my purple-square-design, the only sweater that i have, for now ;P

Gladly, my parent in law arrived Durban safely last two days. Though I was hoping my father could join them, they did surprise me with so many Malaysian foods i was longing to have here. Alhamdulillah, they managed to pass through the customs and the police which i heard like to carry away the good stuff even with no legal reason. I think Ayat Kursi that mom read all the time during the arrival did fade their intention to open those five big luggages. Abah kept saying his police card and airport staff card did help too, although they were all expired already..hehe no matter what, we are glad they are here now. They brought milo, dried laksa, lemon grass, lemon leaves, tempe, sotong kering, daun kunyit, dried chile, kesum leaves and even bunga kantan! oh really can't wait to taste mom's best laksa and chicken rice :)

So for now, me and abang have planned several trips to have fun with them around and outside Durban including camping in the safari. And for this weekend we are off to Sterkfontein Dam, yahuu!

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