Friday, November 06, 2009

Ushaka Marine

Since I lived here, me and abg always have something to do every weekend. Either I will try new receipies to enhance my cooking skill (cewah) or we both together go somewhere to release stress and have fun. I can't stay long in the house doing basic things like housekeeping and cooking, cause I got enough of that pattern of doing the same thing for the whole week at my office. Therefore I always looking forward for something fun and different from my routine.
A few weeks ago, my officemate, Vernon forwarded me an email from Ushaka Marine. There was a promotion for combo ticket where I can get it for half price only if I can count the fishes in a game they provided. It was easy as Vernon also gave me the answer huuhu. Just a few second after completing the game and filling the particular form, the half price combo ticket arrived my mail!
Ushaka Marine is like a waterworld located in town of Durban. It consist of two parks, which are waterparks where there are a lot of water game including slides and lazy river, and also waterworld which exhibits a various kind of marine life. It also includes some animal shows and water activities like snorkelling, diving and also diving in cage in the shark tank!

We went there with two other Malay families. The place was actually not much different from Aquaria and the waterpark also just like desa waterpark. But what attacted our attention most was the water activities. I was really excited to try out any of them. So right after we served our eyes with various kind of ocean life and watched the dolphins and sea lions shows, we straightly headed to the snorkelling booth!
It was my second chance of snorkelling. The first time I did in Pulau Perhentian when my family had a vacation there. The view of corals was so beautiful and indeed proved me of the Almighty of Allah.

This time we snorkelled in a huge tank for 45 minutes (huh it was so tiring) and actually the tank was one of the tank in the exhibition aquarium. That means other people can watch us swimming with the fishes and also Sharks! hehe I didn't know that there were also sharks inside the tank. But then they seemed harmless and just swam at the bottom of the tank. We were free to touch any fish but were warned not to scare them. For that moment my eyes captured closely variety of fishes which some always swim in a group, some got unique face and beautiful pattern of skin, small fish, big fish and a lot more. What a lovely moment..

Bersiar siar dalam Aquarium
As well as at the waterworld, me and abg really had a great moment at the waterpark. Abg said it'd been years since he last went to waterpark like that..that was why on that day he acted like a happy child, excited to try all the water game there hehe. Although it was cloudy and slightly raining, it somehow made our day easier as there were not many people coming there so we could try anything as many time as we like without wasting our time in que.

Unfortunately we didn't bring the camera to capture all those happy moments. However during the snorkel time, there was a photo man took some of our photos in the tank. Here they are..tata.

Family Mat Din and Us

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