Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Travel and wedding

Seronok pulak baca blog org lain apedet mcm2..ade yg suka citer hal2 zaman silam, ade citer pasal anak, ade citer psal everyday life,pasal persiapan nk kawen and not to forget some frozen blogs ..

For my blog, I always speak about travelling. yes that obviously means I love to be a traveller. Alhamdulillah so far I've travelled to number of countries including which I never thought of stepping my foot on before. I still remember when I was young, my father liked to bring me and siblings everywhere he went for outstation. At that time, my late grandfather TokWe was still alive and he always joined us. When papa went for a meeting, we enjoyed ourselves staying in the hotel, having breakfast then together went outside exploring the place.

Depan masjid Zahir Kedah 1994

ni kt mana tah. tepi jalan pun layan tgkat gamba hehe

bercuti di Danau Toba, Medan

The moment that I always remember during our vacation was everytime we stayed in hotel, papa usually received breakfast vouchers but unfortunately these voucher were limited to two persons only. That means it was kind an unfair to those who couldn't go as we are a big family contains of all big tummies. So here's the deal. The person who will go must bring back some foods for the rest who stay. how is it gonna happen? bring a bag and put as much food as possible in it. And guess who was the person? it was always ME! hahaha (because I am the cutest or perhaps got the biggest tummy haha). So I carried a beg, leave it at my table which must be located at the most hidden part of the place, had my breakfast first untill I was full (this was one of the advantages to be the chosen one), and in between, took some foods like sausage, sandwich, cakes, fruits and whatsoever foods which were possible to be carried in that bag, and secretly put them in the bag. Done! Remember to make natural-look face and went back to our room to feed others..hehehe kesian sungguh! Usually there were not so many foods I brought back, aku pun tau malu jgk..janji konyang + terpaksa menjalankan mission impossible demi siblings yg lain huhu...how i miss the good old days..

bersama sepupu sepapat dan mak sedare di Bukit Bendera.

first time di atas Penang Bridge

By the way, this year has become a big year for some of my friends, siblings and even myself for eventually changing our single status. For this year, my family has celebrated 4 couples in 2 weddings! Hah I dont think there's other family can beat us lah! My sister just ended her bachelor status on last September. She's finally married to a guy which has been working with her for 3 years..susah2 je cari jauh2 padahal ada depan mata je hehe. Only I feel so frustrated for being away during the day she got married. At that time I just arrived and was struggling to adapt myself with my new life in Durban. Anyway I really hope and pray to Allah, that she gains a happy life after all the sacrifices she made to us. Though I couldn't make to her wedding, but I think i've known her husband quite well. So Abang Shime ku, please take good care of my Kak Ani, as, she can be so fragile but lucky to have :)

Semoga bahagia dan rumahtangga berkekalan.

To my best friends, Mawarni, Ju and Yati (merangkap sister-in-law), I can't wait to be at your wedding day! hehe. I'll be going back to Malaysia on December for two weeks and indeed, my planner has been so colourful filled with wedding-to-attend. Hopefully everything will turn out well and smooth.
I miss home so much!


nawarzara said...

ima best la...kan best dengar citer kau dolu-dolu he,he....

juelee said...

miss u too iemah.. one think i remeber the most about you, famili yg sangat besar.. tapi best!