Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dear Husband

Even though thru time I have changed physically and have to try hard to fit in fashion,
I hope you still find me attractive and pretty..
Even though our kid has stolen most of my time for you and yet there are more to come,
I hope you do not bother and enjoy raising our kid together..
Even though I can not offer you much on expensive gifts and surprises, 
I hope you still happy having me and do not mind spending on me..
Even though I always complain for being tired and weak,
I hope you do not mind to keep helping and being supportive all the time..
Even though you are busy building your career and being away sometimes,
I hope I am always in your heart and mind like I always do to you..
Even though we like to fight over small things ,
I hope we do not care much on our ego and always learn to accept each other every day..
Even though today is only our third Anniversary,
I hope we will always be together till the end of time..

 I love you and will always love you..  


juelee said...

happy annibersary imeah.. semoga kekal bahagia hingga syurga.. **hugss***

Maryam Hanani Abdul Razak said...

waah sweet.:D happy anniversary kak tim n abg saiful.:)cepat betul ms berlalu ye.daging kenduri ni ada lagi dalam freezer.

Fatima Saiful said...

Happy anniversary!!moga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat...amin~!!